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Roofs and facades


Flat roofs

We offer a comprehensive service in terms of technology selection, valuation, material delivery, work schedule and execution of flat roofs on large-size as well as industrial, commercial, public utility and non-standard buildings. We work with the largest material suppliers on the Polish market, including PROTAN, ROCKWOOL, PAROC, PRUSZYŃSKI and many others.

We provide roofs in a standard layout:

PCV, TPO/FPO, EPDM membrane and bitumen insulation

Mineral wool, polystyrene, PIR, XPS styrodur

Mineral wool, polystyrene, PIR, XPS styrodur

We also provide inverted roofs: 

Thermal insulation - XPS styrodur

PCV, TPO/FPO, EPDM membrane and bitumen insulation


Green roofs

Endowed with great aesthetic potential, green roofs, which are increasingly visible in urban spaces and being incorporated on an increasing scale in architectural designs, are setting a new direction in roofing design. They contribute to offsetting carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, improving air quality by acting as a natural filter, increasing the biologically active area for developments in urban areas. This is a solution that is finding increasing application on the Polish market, combining both economic and ecological aspects. Apart from the function of minimising the negative impact on the environment, green roofs increase the energy efficiency of buildings covered with them - preventing large heat losses in winter and eliminating the phenomenon of excessive heating in summer. We produce green roofs in private and commercial spaces, for both small and large-scale projects, on terraces and roof slopes exceeding 1,000 sqm. We have in-depth knowledge in detail design as well as in the selection of appropriate layers for extensive green roofs.


Trapezoidal sheet metal roofs

We manufacture trapezoidal sheet metal roofs for insulation and so-called "cold" roofs attached to steel or reinforced concrete structures. From sheds to large warehousing areas. Corrugated sheeting - also known as trapezoidal sheeting because of its characteristic appearance - is an inexpensive and durable way to protect industrial buildings, and is normally used as a load-bearing layer for flat roofs.