Czwarty w tym roku kontrakt Roof Renovation S.A.

The second month of 2023 and the fourth contract concluded by Roof Renovation Sp. z o.o., a subsidiary of Roof Renovation SA, based in Opole.

Under the aforementioned contract, the following work will be performed:
✅comprehensive roofing of the roofs of two halls, the guardhouse and adjacent auxiliary facilities, including:
🔴 installation of trapezoidal sheet metal,
🔴 installation of thermal insulation,
🔴 supply and installation of PVC membrane,
🔴 installation of sheet metal and drainage elements,
🔴 supply and installation of fasteners for sheet metal and membrane,
🔴 installation of skylight reinforcements, smoke dampers, fans.

✅The lump sum remuneration for the contract was set at the net value of PLN 3.050.071,99 net.
✅The works are scheduled to be completed on May 31, 2023.

Acting quickly and efficiently, we accept the commitment of a short execution time, understanding precisely the meaning of the saying that time is money.

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